Client's Frequently Asked Questions


Client's Frequently Asked Questions



Telephone contact

Client should always use the dedicated country numbers found in your Service Manual.  Please do not use public lines as these may not be secure.

When telephoning, please have your Username and Password details available.


 Client assistance

For Client assistance please telephone the dedicated country numbers provided in your Service Manual.


 Account Director

To speak to your Account Director you should always telephone the Account Director on the direct line shown in your Service Manual.


Legal Department

The Legal Department is available to clients via your Account Director. Please contact your Account Director for the name of the Attorney handling your account. 


Support Services

Support Services are available on line by logging on to your client database and using the Chat service.

Alternatively, support is available by e-mail on:

Alternatively, you may telephone your country Support Team Leader at the telephone number given in your Service Manual.


Acquisition Helpline

For the Acquisition Helpline, Clients should telephone the dedicated number provided to them. 

If your Acquisition project is being handled by Professional Advisors then your call will be automatically diverted to the appropriate Advisor on a direct line.


Database Facilities

Database Facilities can be accessed by the Control Panel on your client database home page.  

Live Database Support is only available on the on-line chat support.  You will find on-line chat support by logging on to your client database home page. 

Alternatively, Database Support is available by e-mail on:


 Service Manual

If you have lost or mislaid your Service Manual, please e-mail us on: and we will telephone you to arrange for a replacement Service Manual.



Information for sovereign governments & state enterprises


 SWF Investments are a resource which has been established by a number of sovereign wealth funds and state enterprises to produce acquisition and investment databases and forecasting tools for potential acquisition targets.  Subscription to SWF Investments is by invitation only, and is restricted to government organisations or state enterprises.

 A list of the government departments and state enterprises which currently subscribe to SWF Investments databases are available on request.

 An application form for subscription to SWF Investments is available on request to the departments of national governments and state enterprises only.


For email, telephone or fax contacts: Clients and Professional Advisors should use the dedicated country numbers provided in the Service Manuals.